Zizzleclank Thermoblix
Thermoblix at the tonk-tournament in January, 2009
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Zizzleclank Thermoblix is a character on the server The Sha'tar EU. She is actually made up of three characters, who are essentially the same person: Zizzleclank (Warlock), Thermoblix (Mage) and Zizzle (Death Knight).

She is most noted for her constant grumpyness, getting into arguments with everyone and generally being nasty.

Name Edit

Zizzleclank Thermoblix

(Born Zizzleclank Raddlefix III)

Titles Edit

Ambassador of the Alliance (Title bestowed by Lord Fordragon)

Explorer (Title bestowed by the Explorers' League)

The Hallowed (Title bestowed by the Stormwind Orphanage)

Merrymaker (Title bestowed by Smokywood Pastures)

Jenkins (Title bestowed by the Personally Sympathetic Yet Crazy Heroes' Organization)

And various minor titles

Physical Traits Edit

She is slightly shorter than the average female Gnome. Her figure is well cared for, she seems neither fat nor thin. Her hair, in fact, all hair on her body, is pure white, completely devoid of color. Her eyes, which generally seem to be grumpy, are red (that is, the irises are). Her voice is quite deep, possibly deeper than even that of a male Gnome sometimes. Her voice sometimes seems hoarse, especially when shouting.

She looks fairly young, though from the way she moves it is clear she'd had a lot more memorable experiences in her life than most people of her age. She has an aura of powerful magic about her. Sometimes this is that of Arcane, sometimes of Fel and sometimes of Death. In either case, the other two can also be felt, but they seem much weaker.

One feature many will probably miss is that her body has a set of simple tattoos on it. The only part that is noticeable from this are the two strokes of black on her cheeks. Further examination would reveal that these tattoos are actually part of a complex sealing spell placed on her body.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome Mage/Warlock/Death Knight

Zizzleclank was raised as a Warlock. As such, she initially made a living as one, mastering the powers of Fel and Demonology. However, as she seemed to peak these powers of hers, she decided to look into other forms of magic. Studying almost purely by herself, she mastered the art of the Arcane and perfected her skills in Fire magic, which seemed closest to her initial Warlock training. In order to achieve this, she designed a seal which prevented her from using Fel, essentially deafening her to it, making her able to access Arcane more easily. To this day, she cannot use Fel and Arcane at once, the two remain mutually exclusive.

Recently, she has been captured by the forces of the Scourge. Under the will of the Lich King, she received basic Death Knight training. She soon broke free and decided to continue her training. Although the nature of her Death Knight abilities prevent her from combining them with any other form of magic, her studies of Frost magic have taught her how to use Frost from Arcane sources as well. Now able to use both Fire and Frost forms of Arcane, she combined the two, essentially becoming a Frostfire Mage.

To this day, her three "sets" of abilities remain mutually exclusive. Using a complex magical circle (that she has prepared at home), she is able to simply activate and deactivate seals, essentially switching between her abilities in a matter of minutes.

Guild Edit

The Gnome Crusade

Order of the Dark Wrench (as a Death Knight)

Occupation Edit

Zizzleclank is a master of many trades.

Her first profession was Engineering, which she became quite adequate at. A curious thing is that although she first delved into Gnomish Engineering, she later found the benefits to be minimal, and moved to Goblin Engineering, which she is currently the practicer of.

She soon took up Jewelcrafting as well, seeking to utilize the power of various gems in her inventions. She currently does not practice this either.

Not soon after, she discovered Tailoring. Seeing how much cloth she had wasted so far, she quickly learned to utilize them more efficiently. Combined with her other skills, she quickly became a master of the profession. Currently, tailoring is her prime occupation (apart from adventuring), and the one she thinks herself most skilled at.

Using her increased strength upon turning into a Death Knight, Zizzleclank began to study blacksmithing as well. She is still not very skilled at this, but she is making rapid progress. She also does most of her mining as a Death Knight as well.

Her primary source of income is, of course, adventuring.

Family Edit

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Background Edit

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Family Background Edit

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Criminal Record Edit

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Personal Notes Edit

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