Physical TraitsEdit

Zuljo is a particularly slim "troll", with long red hair, and fiery eyes. His lack of obvious physical ability is made up for with a knowledge of magic spanning tens of thousands of years.

Race and ClassEdit

"Troll", Mage




None specified, considers Zeck to be like his brother.


Not a lot is known about Zuljo, he guards his secrets well. Only a few know of his troubled past, and of the reasons he keeps to himself. He is a mage of "immense power" (not his own words, he's too shy to admit it), and has studied and mastered all 4 aspects of arcana he considers worth learning - Fire, Frost, the Arcane, and the wonderfully potent art of Frostfire. Zuljo likes nothing more than sitting in a comfortable chair, out of everyone's way, reading a book and smoking his long, hand-carved, ebony pipe. If nobody talks to him, that's fine. If somebody does decide to talk to him, that's fine too.

Quick OOC noteEdit

The reason this is so brief is that you have to RP with Zuljo to find out about his past, I don't want to just tell everyone who uses this Wiki everything about good ol' Zul, less fun that way.

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